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Concrete Vision®
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Concrete Vision is a Web-based enterprise software solution for your Precast Company designed to be completely customizable providing you with a tailored solution. Now you can have real-time information and manage any jobs from any plant at any time reducing your companies organizational costs and maximizing your earnings.
Completely Customizable
Every company in the precast industry is unique. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter software packages that assume every company is the same. Concrete Vision allows complete customization, setting up the application to meet your company’s specific needs. The Concrete Vision software can be integrated with your existing applications, offers customizable screen appearances, and contains over 50 customizable reports that you can modify and develop with the changing business environment. Our staff will work with you to determine the best technology solutions for your company and then customize your application accordingly. The versatility of the application will allow you to differentiate your business in this competitive industry.
The power of Concrete Vision lies in three key elements: accessibility, flexibility, and commitment to service:

Accessibility has a two-fold meaning for Concrete Vision. First, everyone in your organization can have access to the same real-time information. Team members are able to access up-to-date information quickly and easily. Second, since Concrete Vision is fully web-based, it can be accessed from your home, office, job-site, or any location where there is an Internet connection. Security is a priority. Concrete Vision is protected with the most advanced security measures, making it completely safe and restricted!

Flexibility is key when shopping for any software package. You want a system that can be adapted to fit the way you do business—not the other way around! Not only can Concrete Vision be completely customized from the initial installation, it also offers the flexibility of future modifications. Additionally, Concrete Vision offers wide integration options. The application can be integrated with your current database system, including SQL, Oracle, and others.

Commitment to service is one of our core values. The purpose of Concrete Vision is to empower you and your company. Our experienced staff is here to assist you with every phase. From your initial questions and concerns, to implementation and training, our staff is here to ensure a smooth transition. Once the software is up and running, we will continue to provide support, training, updates, and consultation. Our staff has been working side by side with precast concrete companies for the past 7 years and has a thorough understanding of the industry. We’re here to help you succeed!

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