Website and Networking working together all in one site!

VPRO delivers a powerful easy to use website combined with all the modern networking tools built-in so you can concentrate on your customers instead of focusing on the technology to manage your website.

With this new site, you have the ability to combine your Information, products, news, events, blog, and your favorite rss feeds such as facebook and twitter accounts all on your site helping you build a strong fan following.

The VPRO Core Website Module

Our prior planning and attention to detail will have you up and running quickly.

The VPRO core website module is a custom developed solution ready to add your personalization. VPRO has invested a significant amount of time in the development of the core website ensuring a relevant, easy to navigate website for your customers and content that is easy for you to keep current and updated.

Setting up a VPRO website is a straight forward process.

As a VPRO website customer you will be given an account specialist to manage the development of your new website from start to go-live ensuring a smooth and almost painless process? All good things come with a little pain. Your account specialist will work with you and the VPRO staff to handle the details such as transferring your domain name or handle the purchase of a domain name for you if you do not currently have one. Your web specialist will also facilitate the personalization process of your site which includes branding your site to match your company and training you how to add your products and services.

Payment processing and security

The VPRO core module will work with many credit card processing merchants. We recommend using Paypal for most small companies as it lessens the risk factor for both the estore owner and the customer who wishes to purchase from that site. We have also found that by using Paypal as the merchant for your site that it will promote sales because of the customer’s comfort level with Paypal.

VPRO also offers and suggests the purchase a SSL Security Certificate if you are operating an estore. Even if you are planning on using Paypal as your merchant, the customer will be entering their personal info such as name, phone and email into your site, this certificate ensures complete protection of your customers information.